New Nissan IMs all-wheel drive electric concept

The concept of Nissan IMs luxury sports sedan , with platform and propulsion system developed in the Nissan Intelligent Mobility , was presented in Detroit.

The revolutionary proportions of the IMs concept car define a separate segment . The 100% electric identity is the hallmark of the car and the battery, located under the body , determines a greater height of the passenger compartment. Spacious interiors thanks to a larger step and a "2 + 1 + 2" configuration of the seats. Nissan IMs Concept NAIAS 2019Adjustable front seats and a modular rear row , with a three-seater sofa that can be transformed into a comfortable central "Premier Seat", breaking down the two side seats that turn into wide armrests.

Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan's Senior Vice President of Global Design, said :

Advances in EV technologies and autonomous driving have allowed our designers to break the patterns of traditional cars to create a completely new one. IMs challenges the design limits of sedans with an approach that elevates the status of the category in terms of looks and functionality.

A design under the sign of Nissan Intelligent Mobility
The exterior and interior design of IMs is the result of innovative electric and autonomous driving technologies developed by Nissan Intelligent Mobility , the strategic roadmap that defines the way in which vehicles are driven, fed and integrated into society.

Nissan IMs Concept NAIAS 2019IMs in autonomous driving mode allows the driver to proceed without having to touch any command , while in manual mode offers all the excitement and sporting performance that only a superior electric vehicle can offer.

IMs also has the most advanced technologies in terms of security and virtual systems of connectivity, inserted in a context that pays tribute to Japanese design, suspended between modernity and tradition.

Electric propulsion, autonomous driving and connectivity: the future is here
IMs fully represents the three pillars (Intelligent Driving, Intelligent Power, Intelligent Integration) and continues the path towards the creation of a sustainable mobile society based on electric vehicles , autonomous driving and connectivity.

The car is driven by two electric motors, one anterie and a rear , powered by a 115 kWh battery in rapid charging that delivers 489 hp (360 kW) of power and 800 Nm (590 lb-ft) of torque, capable of competing with the sports saloons currently on the market. With an estimated autonomy of 622 km on a single charge, IMs guarantees mileage on a par with cars driven by petrol engines.

The engine adopts a high-performance all-wheel drive system , which offers an optimal weight distribution between front and rear, for exceptional thrust and excellent road holding. The air suspension adapts to the situation to ensure a smooth ride and a flat trim in the corners.

Simple and elegant external lines
The exterior lines of the IMs concept express the new design language of the "luxury sports sedans" Nissan, which transforms a classic car into a mix of appeal, sporty character and aerodynamics, in a combination of high-tech quality and Japanese style.

Nissan IMs Concept NAIAS 2019The external profile of IMs stands out for the simplicity of the horizontal and vertical lines, rather than for the sculpted surfaces. This time Nissan renounces the theme of the "floating roof" to take advantage of the unprecedented proportions of the bodywork and its streamlined lines, which accentuate the car's sportiness and reduce its aerodynamic drag coefficient. In addition, mudguards, front spoiler, moldings and under-body diffuser reduce lift to a minimum at high speeds, keeping the car glued to the ground.

Looking back on the history of Nissan, we realized that some of the most successful models, such as the first generation Murano or the Z series, had essential lines – continues Albaisa. By opting for a simple design, the perceived quality increases accordingly.

In mode of autonomous driving the IMs headlights and headlights rear become blue and the light flashes continuously at the center of the front and rear, to signal to pedestrians and other vehicles that is active autonomous driving mode.

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