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משרדי גליס, כפר סבא
משרדי גליס, כפר סבא

"The first electric hot hatch ". Thus he defines the new zero-emission MINI, an engineer of the English House, intercepted by colleagues of Autocar . As if to say: even if there are no cylinders and pistons to move it, the 3-door battery will keep the go-kart feeling so dear to MINI unchanged .

To do so the Cooper SE (this should be the definitive name of the car) will be based on the usual UKL1 bed of the burning sisters, readjusted to accommodate the batteries and electric motor.

Below is the i3
If the platform is therefore "made in Britain", the engine will probably speak German and will be that of the BMW i3S , ie a 135 kW electric – that is to say 184 hp – which allows the German electric to switch from 0 at 100 km / h, 6.9 ", time that could be limited on the MINI Cooper SE, considering weight and small size.

Even the batteries should be the same as the i3S, for a range that could be around 320 km with a recharge . As often happens, however, there may be more versions to the list, with accumulators more or less capable depending on the needs.

Comes at the end of the year
The debut of the new electric MINI should take place by the end of the year (here you will find the list of all the expected innovations in 2019), with production starting from next November. In the plans of the House should be born in Oxford , but considering the latest (bad) news on Brexit his house could instead be moved to Germany, to Dingolfing, where will be assembled also the future BMW iX3 and i4 electric and where will be produced all the batteries for the Group's electric. We must not forget the joint venture with Great Wall, which will be responsible for creating the electric MINI for China.

As for the style, the Cooper SE will not deviate much from the Electric Concept shown last year, with classic 3-door body and revised aerodynamics compared to the classic MINI.

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