Ecological incentives on cars are profoundly counterproductive

Notwithstanding the advice to the contrary, the government fellowship has pulled straight and approved a mechanism of ecological incentives on the car that will undermine the Italian automotive supply chain, one of the main national players in employment, the generation of GDP and tax revenue. And to deliver 60 million to those who buy an environmentally friendly electric vehicle (which is only ecological for the reduced phase of its use), the combined result will be to further depress a market with another 300 million more tax surcharge for those who emit more than 160 g / km of CO 2, a market that already in 2018 has given unequivocal signs of a slowdown, job losses and a reduction in the tax revenue that the Conte government desperately needs to try to balance a state budget that is increasingly at risk of bankruptcy.

With Gianmarco Giorda , director of Anfia (the Italian automotive supply chain association), some thoughts on a sector that risks big if the route is not reversed as soon as possible.

Dr. Giorda, the Italian automotive sector is not at all happy with the provision passed off by the government as ecological incentives on the car.

In recent weeks we have done the impossible to avert a measure that is diametrically contrary to the interests not only of the supply chain that we represent, but of the entire country system. The automotive sector in Italy is a strategic sector both for employment and for research and industrial innovation, with a high concentration of capital and investments, which, in order to operate at its best, requires a medium-long term reference scenario term and with rules that do not change every year. We are the first private industrial sector for the generation of GDP, research and development capacity, employed and generating revenue for the tax authorities. I make some numbers to better frame the sector. As a whole, between the production of motor vehicles and components, the Italian automotive generates about 6% of the national GDP, employing over 160. 000 direct employees and over 93,000 indirect, we export vehicles for over 23 billion euros and components for 21.2 billion euros. The car sector alone generates 16% of the total tax revenue between VAT revenue, traffic taxes and fuel excise taxes, which can be doubled, which also includes all the components and the related industries. We are a sector that the legislator should handle carefully, thinking very well about the provisions concerning him.

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